What are these Noises coming from my Car Engine

Imagine this. You’re carefully driving your car along a busy highway and all of a sudden it breaks down without warning. You get out of the car and kick the tires in exasperation, livid with rage but at the same time, trying to remember the number of a reliable car mechanic that you can dial so that their tow truck can come and get you off the road.

All you can say is that there are weird and inexplicable noises that are coming from your car engine and you don’t know why. Its time you cooled down and called the services of Kfzteile24 professionals.

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A Real Quandary

Car engine troubles have been known to stump many a car driver. It is one of those things that frequently requires professional help and assistance.

The following are the main three reasons for car engine trouble that need to typically be addressed:


It has been determined that detonation is brought about by the ill-timed combustion taking place inside the car engine. This produces large amounts of heat and pressure in the car’s combustion chamber. Detonation results in fuel being combusted in the engine when it should not be, much extra heat is produced, generally accompanied by a knocking noise. This is mostly caused by the failure of the exhaust gas recirculation system of the vehicle, that ensures a proper air/fuel mixture. However this problem can also be caused due to bad fuel, incorrect ignition timing, wrong spark plug gaps or an elevated operating temperature for the engine.

Improper Lubrication

One of the most common causes of engine failure pertains to low levels of engine oil. So even though you may change the engine oil of the car on a regular basis, you should make sure to routinely check the engine oil levels- with the objective of making sure there isn’t a leak-or that the car isn’t burning off excessive oil.

Moreover, engine oil starvation may also be caused by a faulty oil pump, wear and tear due to high mileage, or oil that is full of gunk, which is always the result of not changing the oil and/filter at the proper intervals. It is therefore imperative that you  conduct routine auto-maintenance in order to ensure that the car’s engine remains healthy.


If your vehicle is found overheating,  this factor puts the car at the risk of getting mechanical problems, for example a blown head gasket. Some common reasons that a car will overheat include a coolant leak that comes from the radiator or a radiator hose, or even from the engine itself, in the event the block is cracked. The crack would in fact result in a need for engine replacement.

Moreover, other causes of overheating of a car may include a bad thermostat, or a faulty electric cooling fan, or even a failed water pump. If yuo as a driver ensure proper care of the car’s cooling system by following the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for coolant flushes, it will help in detecting any leaks. It also gives the car repairman an opportunity to look at the other parts of the car’s cooling system.

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