Perks & Benefits of Prime Video My TV

If you have never used Prime video and you’re not a member then probably you have no idea

about what Amazon Prime is or what worth does it hold against the money you put on it. Well, it is a subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service where you can watch unlimited movies and series when you get access through the membership. It charges $12.99 every month and you get access to watch as many shows or movies as you may like. Also, you can share your account with your friends and family and you can split the total payment.

Get your PrimeVideo/myTV login account now and enjoy binge-watching. 

So far it has crossed 200 paid million Prime Video members worldwide and we only see it increasing day by day. Prime Video has also started producing its content by the name of Amazon originals and it is loved globally by the people for their creative ideas and innovative imaginations. If you want to learn more about it, keep reading this blog.

Amazon PrimeVideo/MyTV

One of the biggest perks of being an Amazon Prime member is being able to enjoy Prime Videos as much as a person may like. It has unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, series. Also, you can get a free trial-based version if you are not sure about getting the account. The trial is for three weeks and later if you want to get the account, just subscribe for it. If you look at the library, Prime Video keeps adding on new content for its viewers. It has such a versatile collection that caters to people with various tastes and likes. 

Also, you can enjoy access to Prime Video in any part of the world and you will still share the same access to all the movies as before. Isn’t it amazing? However, if you have a restricted region then you would need Amazon Prime VPN to access some movies or series perhaps. 

Prime Video Benefits

Though the cost of the subscription isn’t cheap if you get an account by sharing it with friends, then it won’t be so expensive. Also, if you look at all the perks that are attached to being a prime member, for example, you get 10 percent off on Select Whole food purchases if you are a Prime member. Other than that, if you are a prime member you might be able to get Amazon fresh deliveries for orders that are above $35. Earlier Amazon Fresh requires Prime members to pay an extra $14.99 to enjoy the perks but now it is free. 

Prime Video on Internet-Connected Devices

Did you know that now you can watch your Prime Video on any internet-connected device? Such as if you have a smart TV, Android TV, Apple TV, or a Roku device you can get access to your account and watch it with comfort and ease on a bigger screen.


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